Let's get something straight...

There's nothing wrong with the way you operate.

Simply because the world is wired into a masculine, yang, spreadsheet-of-a-system, doesn't mean you (or your business) needs to be too.

You want to coach, heal, transform other people and their lives. You want to give your clients a powerful experience.


The only problem is, despite having a reasonably good sense of marketing, business, and tech, you can't seem to move forward in the way you expected.


You spend quite a bit of time:


  • Staring at your to-do list unsure of what to do next

  • Reorganizing your to-do list in hopes of gaining clarity

  • Attending free webinars and taking detailed notes, but never actually applying what you learned in a tangible way

  • Buying courses but never getting around to completing them

Or, maybe you

  • Change what app you use to manage your tasks, even though you almost never look at the one you have

  • Change your copy on your website despite not loving your site to begin with

  • Create yet another worksheet for your program

  • Recalculate the pricing for your standard offer, wondering if that will make a difference




  • You can’t confidently explain what you do or how you help people

  • You’re afraid of being too-woo, or not woo-enough, depending on your audience

  • You’re 100% sure your family won’t get anything you share on social media

  • You’re avoiding being visible

In order to effectively establish, run, and scale a business, you need a wee bit of structure to support you.

Not structure to make you suffocate and want to cry, but enough that you know what to do, and when to do it.

Add in some subtle tweaks to organization that allows you to find everything you need when you need it...

And, last but not least, a super smooth, professional client experience.

Voilà. This is what I help my clients create.

Wish calendars should be optional

Get hives when anyone talks about "systems"

How long have you been trying to "figure it out" on your own?

How much time have you spent spinning your wheels?

In fact, a lot of my clients are super-smart cookies, and perfectly capable in Excel.

But navigating through all ideas, projects, tasks, and priorities... never mind organizing all the resources you use to do your work... well, that's a lot to manage.

What if you had strategic partner who understands how you think, is trained as a coach, with 15+ years of marketing and tech experience 

You're in the right place.