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Sandra Halling Business Owner and Operational Strategist

Improving project and task management creates operational efficiency and thus more profit

If your primary method for managing tasks is discussing them ad-hoc in miscellaneous meetings and hoping your team will understand and execute efficiently, you're leaving opportunity on the table.

Delegating for ownership creates a completely different team dynamic.

To do that with confidence, you need streamlined systems.

Streamlining Your Systems

Getting your team to do what you need doesn't have to include 3 meetings, 2 emails, and 27 Slack reminders. 

Refining your business systems brings about:

  • better communication

  • clear workflow

  • task ownership

Thereby making you more efficient, and thus more profitable.

Deep strategic support

  • keeps intentional focus on the effort, so it doesn't slip to the back burner

  • addresses the immediate pain-points, while we work on the bigger picture

  • reduces the challenges associated with solely in-house implementations

Our roadmapping and strategy project with Sandra gave us clarity to decide between ClickUp and Notion after months of deliberation and false starts with both tools.

I had so many good ideas from working with her I couldn't get to sleep that night!

—Megan Hale, Entrepreneur

Strengths and Services

Our service mix is designed to support your organization both to resolve the immediate challenges, and prepare you for your next stage of growth. 

Our strengths lie in strategic thinking and activating you and your team into aligned action.

Aligned action is when your day-to-day choices and experience match up to the values and culture you're aiming to create.

Tech & Systems Consulting

ClickUp・AirTable ・Notion ActiveCampaign・ConvertKit Zapier ・Automate ・Make

Project Management

Strategy ・Roadmapping

Project Plans・Implementation


Executive Coaching




The best part of working with Sandra is right-brain/left-brain, tech/heart integration.
If you can't decide if you need a executive coach or an organizational maven, you want Sandra.
—Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Relationship & Sex Coach

Mission-Driven Productivity

...is aligning your organization's values with your approach to team workload and task management

We seek to understand your mission, vision, and values first. Then we can help you align your work process and approach to team productivity so that it supports the culture you wish to foster.

By designing and implementing systems, applications, and workflow in this way, we help you achieve your goals and do it in a way that matches your organizations ethos.​


​We design a custom scope of work to:

  • Discover the problem under the problem 

  • Design an ideal, long-lasting solution​​

  • Develop a roadmap to create the result

  • Dive in to build a prototype and implement the strategy

Pragmatic results

​All of this theory is only useful if it produces tangible results like these initiatives we've helped past clients with:

  • Select and implement project and task management app

  • Create and curate organizational knowledge management

  • Develop a process organizational chart and document core SOPs

  • Resolve friction in your team's workflow and streamline your day-to-day process

  • Refine your existing tech stack and implement automations

Process & Approach

Most organizations are too close to their own challenges to see them clearly.

The more you think that doesn't apply to you, the more likely it does.

We help you understand the bigger picture of your present situation by doing a deep dive into your employee and client experience.

From there we are able to rely on the deep wisdom and unique experience of our interdisciplinary team to find the imperceivable rough edges in your operations.

Working with you, we co-create a solution. Then we guide you through implementation to smooth out your process and improve the results.

Micro-changes often have the greatest impact. Refinement is part of the puzzle. We go deep and we stay with you until you're satisfied with the outcome.

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