Aligned Productivity

Say good-bye to hustle nonsense and still get shit done.

Do you wish you felt more productive?

Are you struggling with...

  • Perfectionism, procrastination, and self doubt around planning and getting things done?

  • Finding traditional planning so horribly rigid, so you avoid it completely, or don't know where to begin?

  • Spending enormous effort planning only to abandon it in favor of putting out fires and tending to others' needs?

  • Feeling guilty at the end of the day when you're not as productive as you think you should have been?

  • Making self-care, creative pursuits, and connection last on your to-do list, if they're there at all?

You're in the right place.

In Aligned Productivity, you can say good-bye to burnout & overwhelm, and hello to a future where you engage with your work and life in a way that actually feels good.

Sandra Halling Business Owner and Operational Strategist
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Feeling disappointment and shame
around planning, setting, achieving goals is not your fault.

The cultural messages around planning and productivity are so deeply ingrained, sometimes we can't see them for what they are: exploitative.

That's a strong word, and yet... treating ourselves unfairly as a means for society (and sometimes our ego) to benefit is exactly what we are taught to do

Society teaches a model of planning and achievement that at a minimum is ablest, and at its worst is a tool of oppression. The result is often that your effort to create a plan and follow it only ever serves to make you feel bad about yourself.

We end up in a loop of negative thinking that results in feelings of shame. It's that self blame inherent in the system that makes it especially oppressive. Convinced you're the one who forked it up, you grasp at magical thinking (or system switching) as a way to solve the problem. 

For example, you may have had thoughts that:

  • Other people have it figured out and you don't, so there must be something wrong with you.

  • You need to work harder, do more, put in longer hours to achieve success.

  • The next time you plan it will be different, and then felt betrayed when it wasn't.


We are literally taught to believe the impossible. Not unlike every Disney movie's implicit promise that woodland creatures will come help you with the housework  👀  the masculine (i.e. yang, super structured) style of planning we're taught isn't sustainable for most humans.

I can help you embrace a new kind of productivity, one that aligns to your values and puts your well being first. 

Thanks to the weekly planning with Aligned Productivity...
I just don’t avoid stuff anymore. It's life changing.

—Gray Miller

It's not possible to produce all the time.
Humans require rest.

You know this, but do you cultivate the space for it?

Do you protect that space ferociously?

Moreover, when I say rest, I don't just mean sleep. I mean rest, relaxation, connection, fun, play, creativity, and all sorts of other types of nourishment that you may have put in the "not allowed" box... or the "maybe I'll do this later, after... [insert thing you think is important]" box.

Except that later never comes, does it?

Likely not. Because our culture tells us if we're not doing we're not worthy. And while that's a load of crap, prioritizing our own needs is a hard boundary to create and protect because we are taught the opposite: that if we take care of other people's needs, it demonstrates our worthiness and value.

The only problem is, that is an extractive process. Give, give, and give some more. What happens when there's nothing left? (Ahem, 2021 should give you a clue: wide-spread burnout and no forks left.) 

While there's not a one-size fits all solution, there is one thing that's true for most of us:

The expectations put on our lives are wholly unrealistic.

I'm here to help you reframe how you plan your life, work, and commitments, so that you can get off the train of feeling constantly overwhelmed, disappointed, and exhausted—and move toward sustainability, self-compassion, and joy.


About Us

Born in the midst of the pandemic, when our need to connect was growing and the world was losing its collective mind, our community is tight knit. We've grown organically since, and now I'm sharing it with more like-minded individuals.

We value transparency, authenticity, and commitment to allowing our own self-care to come before other people's priorities.


My friend, that last bit, that is the work. Other people's priorities show up everywhere around us, from our inbox to the alerts on our phones, from the knock on the door to the car honking behind us.

There's an amazing, delicious sweetness that we can cultivate when we're able to create permission to press pause on all that, and tend to our own needs first.

On top of that, imagine no more "going it alone" when it's time to plan, or better yet, when it is time to evaluate how your plan went.

Showing up every week for the review calls is where the real magic happens, but there's plenty of value in the quarterly sessions and coaching calls to transform your relationship with your to-do list, inbox, calendar, and whatever is standing in the way of you finding a healthy and healed way to engage with your work and feel productive.

I believe humans who are evolving, creating, and helping others (aka producing value) are happier humans, however, that output needs to be balanced with restorative input and care.

We also have a commitment to not do harm. That means having a willingness to acknowledge our own imperfections, and take personal responsibility when we make a mistake. Impact matters.

The bottom line is this: we take perfectly imperfect action, separately but together, towards the lives we want to create.

Empowerment is an inside job, but it is an honor to hold the space for you to do the work.


Doing this in community is the single most compassionate thing I've ever done for myself, and the fact that I get to do it will all of you humbles me greatly.


Thank you. 🙏🏼

Our community is...

Perfect for you, if you're...

  • Sick of the cultural messages that you're never doing enough 

  • Craving a new way of planning your time and projects

  • Wanting to build compassion into your evaluation of your success

  • Willing to commit to loving yourself, exactly as you are, even when it is the toughest thing to do

  • A supportive crew to celebrate your successes, and commiserate when life throws you a curve ball

Not a fit, if you're...

  • Convinced doing more and pushing yourself all the time is the correct, best, or only way to be successful​

  • Not prepared to commit to a semi-regular practice—occasional attendance is better than not coming, but you won't see the same benefits​

  • Expecting yourself to do this program perfectly as per your usual (most of us are perfectionists in recovery, and self-kindness is part of the work here)

  • You're intolerant of differences or committed to engaging with and supporting the cultural status quo

Planning with you was TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Last week was the first time in over a year where I didn't feel crazy overwhelmed.

I was the same level of productive but more mentally "free" and that mental freedom led to several breakthrough ideas for my life & business.

I can see how, applied consistently over time, this will have huge benefits for my productivity and mental health.

Thank you!

—Amanda Dahler, Outsmart Design

Tell me more...

Think of this like a yoga class for your productivity.

It won't excuse you from practicing all week, but it provides the encouragement and support you need to be mindful when you're not "in class" (except we're kinda always in class when it comes to how we spend our precious time; I digress).


Here's what's included in your membership:

Weekly Review

On Fridays we meet to reflect on the week using journaling templates designed to highlight your successes (no matter how small) and your areas for growth.

We look at things like: What worked? What didn't? What did you learn? What would you like to shift? 

This call is 60-min co-work call that helps you build the habit of a regular check-in and incremental improvement.

Planning Workshops

Quarterly and monthly we pause to reflect on what worked well over the last few months, and what we'd like to adjust moving forward.

Our goal is to help you find a rhythm that supports you creating space between projects, finding sustainability for spending your time, energy, and focusing on what matters to you.

Ongoing Coaching

Once a month, we have a 60-min coaching call. Some months I teach live on a topic related to our collective work.

Topics will include things like self-talk, boundaries, picking your priority, and managing your time.

There's also our community forum (on Circle) where you can get support and feedback.

The best part of working with Sandra is right-brain/left-brain, tech/heart integration.
If you can't decide if you need a life coach or an organizational maven, you want Sandra.


—Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Relationship & Sex Coach

Schedule Details

Weekly Review - Every Week

Fridays at 7a, 1p ET

☝🏻 You have access to all the sessions, but only need to attend once per week to see the benefits.

One of the core features to our community is live calls at times friendly for multiple time zones. I do this because, over and over again, we get feedback that it is much harder for folks to make space for reflection and planning on their own.

You only need to come to one session a week, although some members like to come Fridays to review and Sundays to plan. Do whatever makes you happy; memberships include access to all the sessions.

Group Coaching (Monthly Calls)

Date varies to give more people a
chance to attend live

☝🏻 These are recorded and you can submit questions in advance, too.

Sandra really understands how to remove the trauma attached to traditional masculine work and planning styles.

It helps to relieve the guilt of not being able to "do everything" and concentrate on the things that really need to get done.

If you want deep reflection on your quarterly planning done in a way that makes sense holistically and logistically, Sandra can help you get what you need.

—Kristin Tweedale, Awesome Ladies Project

Ready to join us?

Awesome—here's the last thing you need to know:

The regular members have proven that committing to this process over the long run is what makes the difference.

Once you get into a groove, and then life happens and you have to miss a week—gasp!—that's when you realize how powerful this is.


Your week won't feel the same without the point of connection and reset.

That's the brilliance of joining.


It's like having a productivity workout buddy who never skips a session, and is never mad that you disappeared for a week (or a month).

Our Guarantee

If you attend at least 3 of 4 of our Weekly Reviews in your first month, and you don't experience greater ease in your planning and productivity, we'll refund your purchase. 

We believe in what we've created. We're confident that if you show up to even a quarter of what we offer, you'll see a benefit.

Membership Price


$59 USD every month

commit for a year and see the most benefits


$99 USD every month

drop in / drop out or cancel anytime


The Not-so Fine Print​

All of our policies are based around our goal of building an intentional community.

In other words, we don't want a revolving door, you know?

We want you to come and stay a while.

We want to get to know you.

We want you to get to know us.

Not feeling so alone in our efforts to slow down but still be productive is a big part of what we offer.

Please sign up at the monthly level if you want flexibility to change your mind.

You have control. You can cancel anytime.

Once you're sure you love as as much as we know you will, you can switch your subscription and commit to a year.

It is your responsibility to manage your subscription.

If you forget to cancel before your subscription renews, we will not refund you. 

Change can happen in an instant, but habits take time to build. We really recommend you commit for a year. ​

Case Study

A preview of what you might expect to experience...


I asked a long-time member, Sam Hunter, of Hunter's Design Studio, how this process and community has impacted her. This is what she said, verbatim:

Before Joining...

My project planning before was full of good intentions, but wholly unrealistic, so it led to a lot of frustration and shame over not getting 100 hours of work done in a day.

When I joined, I was hoping for some clarity, and certainly for a process of some type to follow - throwing the spaghetti at the wall was no longer working!

The Results...

One of the best things about the review is all the writing and planning makes me feel a bit more like I run my business, instead of it running me.

I sleep a lot better when I use the review and check in/out processes - and that's super valuable.

What's Changed?

I still want to do all the things, but now I know better. I like that I have a process to rely on that shows me what's possible, and being able to count on that has really reduced my "hustle anxiety."

The biggest thing I've learned is how to better block time, and not just the major project blocks, but the self care and the "in-between" blocks.

Her Recommendation...

​DO IT.  It will streamline things you don't even know are messy, and you'll gain a lot of clarity about your work, and HOW you work, and how to execute that work.

Sandra always takes care of the people first.


What are you waiting for?

If you're a fact-finder at heart...

And just needed to get to the bottom of the page... well, welcome!

You made it. 🥳

Also: I see you. 👀  You're here at the bottom because you care. 💖 
You want to know you investigated this thoroughly and it's really a good fit for you. 🎯

Here's the news flash - if it wasn't a good fit, you would've stopped reading by now! 😏

Seriously. What are you waiting for?


You can certainly attempt to carve out space for yourself to do these reflections and planning on your own.


Although, I'll tell ya, a lot of my ride-or-die members TRIED THAT and, well, that's why they're members.


It's much easier to make space for these practices (for me, even!) in community. Now that we have each other, it's just not the same to think of doing it alone. 🤷‍♀️

Instead... I invite you to join us, revolutionize the way you plan and engage with your dreams for your life, and make some new friends in the process. ☺️

I keep telling myself I'll do a monthly review and finally, Sandra's calm, concise, and focused, yet light-hearted, guidance helped me feel like I've conquered the year already!  Mahalo, thank you!!!

—Roxanne de Guzman