Creating freedom from chaos for small business

I support small human-centered businesses with operational strategy.

Streamline your systems, empower your team and ditch the overwhelm.

Sandra Halling Operational Strategist


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Feel More Productive & Get More Done Without the Hustle

Aligned Productivity is a diverse mix of professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs working in community to finish projects and grow their businesses without burnout.

Consulting for Small Businesses

Improve Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

Wrangling a team can feel like an impossible feat. We help you streamline your marketing, sales, delivery, and client experience so you're smooth, streamlined, and fast.

Private 1:1

Get Personalized Support for your Day-to-Day Workflow

Feeling friction in your work-life can be frustrating. Together we can refine your approach to "getting things done" so its smooth, streamlined, and successful.

People → Process → Programs

I help business owners and team leaders design inclusive, collaborative, strategic team workflow by integrating best-in-class apps with intentional employee stewardship.

By putting people before process and supplementing with the right tech after, we ensure your clients and employees foundational human needs are met first.

Employees have greater...
  • clarity on their role and responsibilities

  • trust they can meet expectations without hustle

  • job satisfaction

Your Clients benefit with...
  • smooth and easeful wooing and sales process

  • streamlined onboarding, delivery, and off-boarding

  • improved relationship with you as their service provider

You, as the Business Owner, start to see...
  • efficient and effective execution

  • engaged clients

  • empowered employees

By creating order from the chaos, everyone wins.


Most of the executives and entrepreneurs I know are tired.

Bone tired. Weary.
Worn out.

Regardless of your risk tolerance, we're all traumatized by the impact of the last few years.


What if you didn't have to make all the decisions by yourself?
The best part of working with Sandra is right-brain/left-brain, tech/heart integration.
If you can't decide if you need a executive coach or an organizational maven, you want Sandra.
—Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Relationship & Sex Coach

Areas of Expertise


Our favorite app for project and task management for teams. Flexible structure with built in automation and recurring tasks.


Team Workflow

Managing your team's process for executing on projects and tasks is not only critical to efficiency and profitability but also team morale.


The beloved all-in-one with drag and drop, no-code layout, and endless flexibility. Great as a wiki or task manager for teams with clear process.


Organize your team resources and streamline your day-to-day process by making things easy to find and execute on.

Deltek Vision

CRM, pipeline tracking, and proposal automation with InDesign for AEC and project-based businesses.

Hiring & Training

An intentional process for employee stewardship supports every aspect of your business from sales, marketing, delivery.

In a system that I use daily, you taught me like 50 different tricks in 5 min.

You helped me with things that are going to help my life in the most imperceivable ways. I see these smallest little shifts being changes that will have compounding impact over time.
—Maghan Haggerty, CliftonStrengths Coach

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